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Mia Culpa
Travelouge: Linux Fest North West
Seattle side trips: http://www.museumofflight.org/ 5150 Museum of Flight Album
Thanks much to Handsome Pirate, the Virginia V: https://www.virginiav.org/
5150 Virginia V Album
Penguicon 5150’s YouTube review of accommodations at the Westin.  LinuxLUGCast.COM and HackerPublicRadio.ORG badge ribbons.  https://www.amazon.com/Michael-Warren-Lucas/e/B001JP9NEY

Links: Grab shows early
Google Drive is becoming Google One
Cool project, RPi in a Tricorder case you can’t get
Here we go again, Intel/AMD vulnerability at the kernel level
ChromeOS to get Linux app support w/o Developer Mode
youtube-dl like software with support for more websites
ytfs YouTube File System:  Use Fuse to mount YouTube’s storage as an external drive
Update your distro

[assuming you have Python3 installed]

sudo pip install fusepy
sudo pip install olefile
pip3 install ytfs
mkdir youtube
ytfs youtube
cd youtube
mkdir “justinscarred”
Partial success.  I have a ~/youtube/justinscarred mounted, but there are only recent videos, all 4.1k mpegs, and they don’t copy or play.

4 DRM free games 4 free until the end of the month

Next recording date: June. 1, 2018

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