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Mark Rice: suggests an alternative to quassel core

He also suggests “Syncthing”

Kevin Wisher:
Open source 3d cad program

Open auto. The open source in car entertainment system

Email from Thaj
So here are the commands I use to run my Docker containers for Nextcloud and Etherpad.


$ sudo docker pull nextcloud
$ sudo docker run -d -p 8080:80 –name nextcloud
// this runs Nextcloud with an internal database at port 8080.  I give it the –name Nextcloud so I can restart it by simply running $ sudo docker start nextcloud when I want to restart //


$ sudo docker pull fuerst/etherpad-docker
$ sudo docker run docker run -p 9001:9001 –name etherpad
      -v /opt/etherpad-lite/var:/opt/etherpad-lite/var
      -v /opt/etherpad-lite/node_modules:/opt/etherpad-lite/node

// this makes it persistent between restarts.  You can also use $ sudo docker start etherpad for this.  For some reason I have to run this container last in my container chain for it to work correctly.  

This is pretty insecure.  You should probably run this behind Apache using vhosts with a certificate to use https for everything.  There is also a way to run all fo this with a Docker Compose file, but I haven’t learned that witchcraft yet.  Lyle (x1101) is a master of this stuff so you might touch base with him.

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Next show is episode 100!

Mycroft.ai distributed an e-mail that their Beta version (18.02b) was finally ready with instructions on how to disassemble the Mycroft and re-flash the SD card.  I attempted apt-get update/upgrade instead, but got a lock up half way through upgrade and a unit that would not boot. Wrote the new image to a 64Gb SD and successfully replaced the 4Gb SD that came with the Mycroft.  Plugged the Mycroft back in, and re-paired it to home.mycroft.ai, then repeated all the steps I covered in ep 97.

Alien Vault OSSIM  Open Source Security Information and Event Management
https://tutanota.com encrypted e-mail

Orange pi r1

Raspberry pi 3 model B+

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