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https://www.cnx-software.com/2018/01/09/asus-tinker-board-s-adds-16gb-emmc-flash-to-sell-for-79-99/ +ASUS has updated their Tinker Board with the “S” version adding 16GB eMMC flash. Price: $79.99 in Q1 2018.



FiftyOneFifty: http://kck.st/2BrDZkB  Kickstarter for Mycroft A.I Mark II

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Check Internet speed from Google home page.
How much swap should you configure in Linux?
First RockChip based Orange Pi
Elon Musk sells flame throwers
Specs for Mycroft A.I. Mark II
Mycroft II KickStarter
Ello, private OS for phones
Write your own RPi OS
New release of MakuluLinux

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