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G+ Mark Rice pimps PodcastAddict and reminds us of Chess Griffins incredible Linux Reality http://www.archive.org/download/lrp002/linuxreality002.mp3
KWisher links to ZFS on Linux http://zfsonlinux.org/

Show Topics

I wanted to play “Guns of Icarus” so I installed Steam on Solus OS even though the Snaps version isn’t ready yet.  It’s supposed to integrate seamlessly when it is.  I’ve only tried the one game.  Everything seems a lot smoother than when I tried last year.
>sudo eopkg install steam

From the EULA I agreed to online, the PicoBrew C home brewing system I ordered for $399 on Black Friday utilizes a mix of Open Source and proprietary software (I’m guessing the base OS is Linux).  I will be here the middle of next week, may not be enough time for me to run a batch before next show.

I didn’t get MakuluLinux installed on either bare metal or a VM.  On second look, I did have a go with this years ago and it doesn’t look like it’s had an update in two years and the cert on the homepage seems to have expired since last show.  Finally, the nVidia GT730 I ordered only came today.

Failed to get quasselconf.py working on the Arch server, probably because it has QT dependencies and the server isn’t running X.  Had the bright idea of copying the config files from /var/lib/quassel to a shared folder and installing quasselconf on the Solus desktop:

>sudo eopkg install python3-devel
>sudo pip3 install quasselconf
>sudo pip3 install pyqt5
>quasselconf -c path-to-copied-config-files -t core
Which returns – a blank line

Firefox Quantum 57 is now default on Solus

Bought Google Home Mini’s at Walmart Black Friday

Security: Intel confirms Management Engine runs Minix; researchers report exploits possible.
New MacOS, “High Sierra”, allows root login with no password
Bitcoin over $10,000 despite $30,000,000 hack

Raspberry Pi toys: New Google kit for the Pi enables object recognition
Adafriut suggests learning projects for their Octa-Pi super computing board
Software maps brain activity to the web
Raindrop sensor for Pi weather stations
Lightning detector for Pi
$100 particle detector from MIT – Admittedly, this article doesn’t mention open source, RPi, or Arduino, but I strongly suspect they are compatible.
Pip, handheld pixel gaming console, learning/making device from Curious Chip

Run desktop apps on Ubuntu phone

New podcast from an old friend from devrandom podcast : http://plays.capheind.com

Next recording date: Dec. 15, 2017

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