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Installing AnBox (an application to run Android apps on Linux).  Anbox – Android in a Box   AnBox is a Snap, which are already supported as of Solus 3 Install snapd on Solus – Snaps are universal Linux packages .  > sudo snap install –classic anbox-installer && anbox-installer

To run Android apps, you also need to install the developer kit: How to install Android Studio and Android Tools on Solus | FOSS Linux .  Apps have to be sideloaded, so I had to extract them from an Android device (in my case, the chromebook). How to Extract APK File of Any App on Your Android Phone I extracted the Android .apk, but it failed on install
>adb install myapp.apk
adb: error: failed to get feature set: no devices/emulators found
– waiting for device –

Moving Quassel Core back to my local server.  The config file must have survived the uninstall and reinstall and I forget my old password.  This package should allow me to view the config.  https://gitlab.com/TC01/quasselconf

Install Chrome on Solus How to install Google Chrome, Chromium in Solus | FOSS Linux

Download Firefox 57 for Linux https://click.e.mozilla.org/?qs=358ddbc83e4b6dcc067403855602a89ae7a34544e6f5e3b2fd63e10b43da0e3679b409a402ad82344a6d759f7fcf0ef3ca7236bb4cdc8563


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